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No, I don't Support Mitt Romney

/This is an RP blog for the personification of Massachusetts, not hetalia, but will rp with hetalia/
Listen up, kid: Anyone you’re giving up on?

No- no >:Y 

I lack many people to care for, besides my younger brothers. They are too young to take care of themselves, I have to be there for them so they can get along, a-and I do not plan on “giving up” on them anytime soon. Besides them, I cannot think of anyone else that would apply too. And you should keep your nose out of others lives, you sound like a gossip.

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Send me “Listen up, kid” followed by a question and my muse will answer it as his/her ten year old self.

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Just a reminder



More victories to come!

this blog needs more Tom


Okay, I got the whole fuckin’ lecture yesterday. 

[laughs] But seriously, I don’t think we can take two pothead massholes. That would be pushing it.

It’s kinda sad that I always make you mad. You know you’ll see more of me if me and Monty get married. I’ll spend thanksgiving with you guys. Make it more enjoyable, y’know.

Yeah, you better have.

Ughhhhghghh how many times have you said that to me? It’s getting old Mike. I don’t care if you guys get married or anything, you’re not touching my Thanksgiving. That’s for family only. Things get hardcore at the end too, pretty pretty princess is one intense game. 

Here's The Youngest Town In Every State L I N K


Yeah I kinda heard you the other day, yelling about dry ass thanksgiving. Wonder who set that time bomb off, since it wasn’t me.

Look, why you gotta be so mad all the goddamn time? You should probably hit a joint occasionally like your brother. Since it seems to really mellow him out. Probably might help you. That is if you aren’t immune to that shit.


-clears throat-

:Y I’m not mad all the time. I seem mad all the time because you only see me when I’m mad, mainly because you’re around. ffUCK no I am not gonna get high- Benji needs to get his shit together anyway, and that isn’t helping him at all with it. I don’t need to go back to that shit, that ended a long time ago here. Drugs and shit, never again. We’re not having another Whitey around here.

That’s what you really meant to say about me. It’s okay, sometimes we can’t find the right words. Actions speak louder than them at times; silence does too. I won’t hold that against you c:

The action of hitting you with a chair will speak louder than any of the words I’ve ever screamed at you, and you know how god damn loud I am 8|

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I love you too, dear brother-in-law of mine. u 3 u

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